Kiev-based FireLake band was formed in 1997 by Oleg Yavorsky (guitar), Alexey Akulshyn (guitar) and Andrey Salnikov (drums). Under the influence of extremely popular at the time "Swedish wave", the first musical compositions of FireLake were created with a slant to classic melodic death metal. The debut performance of the band took place in spring of 1998 in the Kiev metal bar "Grave", followed by a few more gigs in the city. Shortly bass guitarist/vocalist Roman aka Thorn joins the band. In search of its own style and sound, the bandtries combining Slavic folk melody elements with aggressive death metal riffs. In 1999 FireLake takes part in several Ukrainian events, including among other "At Voland's" and The Great Commandment, to perform with such bands as Disclaimer, Te Deum, Unerase, Reflection, Camera Obscura, Egoism and more, only to firmly settle itself on the metal scene.

Andrey Popov
—  vocals
Oleg Yavorsky
—  guitar
Anton Kleshev
—  bass
Sergey Dvuzhilny
—  guitar
Dmitry Nazarenko
—  drums
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