In 2000 for personal reasons Alexey Akulshyn leaves the band, soon replaced by Ruslan Drozd (guitar). The band gets down to polish the material accumulated and prepare for the first album recording - The Temptation Journey. In 2005 the album of 10 compositions (best out of collected in the period of 2001-2005) was mixed and ready for release. Due to various reasons the factual release of the album happens as late as early 2007. In 2005 the band undergoes another change of staff: instead of the quit Andrey Salnikov and Alena Korol (back vocals) there come to the band Dmitry Nazarenko (drums, ex-Sarcasm) and Olga Lyapina (vocals). In summer 2005 FireLake take place in the gaining momentum international festival Metal Heads Mission performing on one stage with Napalm Death, Cenotaph, Parricide and many other ex-USSR and European bands.

Andrey Popov
—  vocals
Oleg Yavorsky
—  guitar
Anton Kleshev
—  bass
Sergey Dvuzhilny
—  guitar
Dmitry Nazarenko
—  drums
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